About Us

Bridging the gap between you and your love ones.

Cargo Forwarding has been in existence for many years. Perfecting the trade is an ongoing task for the professionals who took endless effort to paste in the lands separated by vast seas, and mountains of the earth, to fulfill the promise of bringing families closer together.

Unfold the mystique of Forex Alberta that abounds in every precious cargo delivered across the ocean. There is an intangible feeling filled in with countless gems of love for every box sent off. Take a closer look and be a part of this continuous endeavor to connect and re-connect with our kin. Dare to compare if you may, for that is the challenge. But at the end of the day, you will surely find out that Forex Alberta’s service will remain strong and defiant.

For your precious cargo rates and processing, don’t hesitate to touch base with Forex Alberta, and let them weave your dream to reality let them help you cross Forex Alberta, the bridge that will fill in the gap between you and your love ones.


Our mission is to provide extra-ordinary service at affordable and cost-competitive prices, supporting the varied needs of our clients with genuine understanding, passion and care. We assure personalised service across our operations, and are focused on nurturing long-term relationships. And at the heart of it all, is a great team, devoted to serving our customers.


Our vision is to be globally recognised as one of the leading international cargo forwarders and be among the best travel and tour service providers.